Many people wait to put their properties on the market until Spring believing that the housing market becomes more buoyant at that time.

However, there is an abundance of people who want or need to move earlier than Spring. This could be due to:

  •  New Year’s resolutions
  • marital breakdowns (January traditionally has a higher rate of divorce than any other month) 
  • and those who simply decide during their festive break that they would like to change properties.

This provides an opportunity for those who choose to market their property in January or February. It also avoids the increased competition amongst sellers that occurs during the Spring Rush.

Increased competition during the Spring Rush means there is more choice on the market. This then leads to lower sale prices being achieved for sellers.

Make the most of the early months of the year to sell your property before the Spring Rush begins with these ideas.

Arrange Daytime Viewings
Shorter days mean less of a window to show your house off in the best light - daylight. If possible, arrange viewings during the day and make sure that your windows are clean and your curtains are wide open to allow as much light as possible to come into your property. If it isn’t possible to schedule viewings during the day, ensure that your property is well lit and welcoming.

Don’t Forget About Your Garden/Outside Space
The pandemic has affected our choice of homes. A survey of 2000 people at the end of 2020 by Market Financial Solutions Ltd found that 92% of the people surveyed agreed that having a garden or some outdoor space was the most important factor for them when buying a property. This replaced square footage which was the most important factor the year before. 

Make sure your outside areas are looking their best by:

  • tidying away clutter
  • cleaning outside furniture and pathways 
  • planting winter-flowering plants to inject some colour. 

If most of your viewings aren’t during daylight hours, consider adding lighting in order to show your garden/outside space off even when it’s dark.

Heat Your Property
It may be cold outside but you want your potential buyers to feel like they are coming into a warm and welcoming home. Ensure that all the rooms in your house are sufficiently heated during viewings, including spare bedrooms and bathrooms.

This may mean popping the heating on half an hour before a viewing if the property is empty or you don't usually have it come on at that time.

It's also a great idea to get a woodburner or real fire lit if you have one. This can add to the ambiance and also evidences that this feature is in good working order.

Choose the Right Estate Agent
It is important not to overprice your property or you will be left trying to sell a property that has been on the market a while when the Spring Rush starts. When this happens, the psychology kicks in and buyers they presume there is something wrong with it as it doesn't seem a desirable option. A good estate agent will guide you through the property selling process and help you to put your property on the market for the right price to maximise your chances of achieving a premium price.

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