Is decluttering your home one of your New Year’s resolutions? Having lots of clutter not only makes it hard to find things but can also make your home look and feel smaller. This is why we believe that decluttering your home is one of the best things you can do to improve your living space, your own mental health and your chances of a quick sale. If you have decided that 2024 is your year to declutter please read on for our top five decluttering tips.

Ask For Help
Tackling your clutter is much more manageable if you have a helping hand. Enlist the support of a friend or family member to spend a day with you. Ask them to help you to sort and organise your unnecessary belongings.

The One-Year Rule
If you haven’t used something for a year then it is likely that you don’t need it. Decide whether you would like to keep it for sentimental rerasons. If not then either throw it out, or donate it to a charity shop.

Keep, Rubbish, Donate
Label three boxes: keep, rubbish, and donate. Then go through your belongings placing each of them in one of the boxes. Be mindful that once the keep box is full, the remaining items need to go into either the rubbish or donate boxes.

Discard Broken Items
If a broken item remains unrepaired after a week, you can throw it away. If you haven't taken the time to fix it, chances are you don't need it.

One Thing In, One Thing Out
Prevent clutter from reaccumulating by adhering to the simple rule of disposing of one item each time you introduce something new into your home.

If confronting your clutter feels overwhelming, consider renting a storage unit for excess belongings until you're ready to tackle them. This approach is more prudent than leaving items strewn about, encroaching on your space and making organising your home more difficult.

Remember, maintaining a clutter-free home not only simplifies cleaning but also contributes to stress reduction, anxiety relief, and increases productivity and creativity. we are always happy to offer advice on how you can make your property in Larbert, Bonnybridge & Denny more attractive to potential buyers. Please give us a call on 01324 811 233 or send us an email to if we can be of any help.