Your property is on the market and now it’s time for viewings from potential buyers. But who should do these all-important viewings? The objective of any viewing during the selling process is to give interested parties the chance to get a close up look of your property. It’s an opportunity to showcase anything missing from your digital and print marketing and really highlight how great it is to live in your home. Here at Alexander Taylor we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and as part of this we believe that, in most cases, an estate agent should be part of the viewing and here’s why believe this:

We’re the experts

Selling property is what we’re experts in doing. With years of experience we have the necessary skills and insights into picking up those buying signs from potential buyers. We know how to build a rapport with them to make them comfortable and relaxed during the viewing. Putting them at ease will allow them to take their time to really explore and ask any questions they might have about the house and the surrounding area.


Any question answered

When viewing a property there are bound to be questions and estate agents can act as great sounding boards for any issues buyers might have. For example, if someone looking around your home is put off by a dated kitchen in need of modernisation, they may not raise that with you for fear of offending you. But with us there we can offer up solutions that will work for them. A happy viewer is more likely to put in an offer that one that can’t see the true potential from a property.


Second viewings

We understand that relinquishing your property to someone else might seem daunting, so we are happy to work with whatever best suits you and your needs. So, whilst we truly believe first viewings should be handle by us if you’re lucky enough to have requests to view your property for a second time then this is where you could come in and be a great help. If a prospective buyer is coming back it’s quite promising that they could put an offer in. This could be the time to stay home and assist on the viewing, offering insights on what it’s like to actually live in the property. If this is a strategy you would be happy with then we recommend being as warm and welcoming as possible and answer any questions they might have with interest and enthusiasm.


The priority with any viewing is that you’re comfortable and relaxed with what is happening. So, we are happy to discuss in advance the viewing strategy you want to adopt to ensure that the viewing process is a smooth and happy process for everyone involved.

Here are some tips on to prepare for viewings:

  • Get rid of any clutter
  • Ensure the property is clean and tidy throughout
  • Banish lingering smells with a scented candle or air freshener
  • Check that lighting works correctly in each room whether it’s ceiling lights or lamps and if it doesn’t make sure you rectify it before a viewing, you want your property to be shown in its best light
  • Discuss any issues with your property with the estate agent ahead of any viewings so they are equipped for any questions potential buyers might have


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Summer is here, and it can be a great time of year to sell your home. The weather is warmer, evenings are longer and lighter, leaving people feeling in a more upbeat mood. Gardens are in full bloom and your house is looking its best. But, it’s also the time of year when most people are looking forward to taking a holiday in the sunshine. But what does this mean if you’re selling your property?

Don’t let a planned holiday put you off listing your property on the market. There are several options you have to make sure you don’t miss out on any offers.

Leave it to us

As your instructed agents we’ll be more than happy to show potential buyers around your property while you’re away. If you let us know when you’ll be away we can take charge when it comes to viewings.  You’ll want to be kept in the loop so while we don’t want to intrude on your lazing on the beach we can drop you and email or text message to keep you up to speed – especially if you have any offers or requests for second viewings.


Ask a friend

If you would prefer to have a delegate there when viewings take place then you can always ask a friend or family member to step in for you. Always let your agent know that this is the case so that they can contact this person and leave you to enjoy your break.


Checklist before you jet off:

  • Ensure your home is clean and tidy
  • Clear the clutter away
  • Empty the bins. You don’t want a stench from rotting food when you have viewings
  • If you have windows that allow a vent position then it’s worth considering leaving them locked in this position while you’re away to allow a little fresh air to circulate. But make sure they are safe as you don’t want any break-ins.
  • Make sure your agent has your spare key and give them instructions on how to correctly lock up to ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible.
  • Leave comment cards or notes about objects or places of interest for your agent or friend who will be taking the viewings. You know your home best and it’s handy to give them pointers on things that could help sell your property


Have a break

If you’re only away for a short amount of time or are uncomfortable leaving a spare key with your agent, then take the break. It’s best to still inform your agent of the dates when you’ll be away so that they can let potential buyers know it’s not possible to view your property when they get in touch. And even though you won’t be having any viewers through the door it’s best to still consider the kerb appeal of your property as house hunters may still drive by to check out the area. Therefore, ensure that any grass is cut and bushes are trimmed. If the exterior needs a lick of paint, try to squeeze that in before you go away.


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Have you been blighted by issues with your neighbours for years? Are they the reason that you’re selling your property? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you’re facing a conundrum when it comes to selling your home. Should you inform prospective buyers about any problems you’ve incurred with your neighbours, and run the risk of this disclosure driving down the market value of your property? Let’s look at your options:


Moral dilemma

Depending on what the problem is you will need to take on this issue on a case by case basis. If it’s a simple clash of personalities then new owners could be perfectly fine with your neighbours. Things that could be considered anti-social behaviour like playing music loudly at night or if they have a dog that barks a lot can often be considered subjective, so unless you asked outright regarding this then you’re not at liberty to disclose these issues.  If there have been verbal or physical threats, while you may not have to mention it legally you may feel a moral obligation to let them know. After all, wouldn’t you want to know if there was a thug living next door to you and your family?


Legal guidance

If your neighbourly disputes have arisen from problems regarding boundary issues (disputes involving land, or fence/hedges) or shared house maintenance these will need to be declared. If they are not and this is discovered, you could be liable too from not disclosing something you were fully aware of. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of out of sight out of mind once you’ve moved out. Legal action can be taken if a seller fails to provide information about neighbour disputes or problems they may have had with neighbours when asked by a solicitor.

The best way to deal with any of these issues is to be speak frankly with your solicitor and they will be able to best advise you on what steps you should take when it comes to selling your home. While you may consider telling a little white lie or being vague when asked about your neighbours, it can come back to bite you, even after you have moved out.

If you’ve suffered a problem with your neighbours and are looking to sell your property but are unsure on how to respond to any questions from prospective buyers about these disputes, then your Solicitor or local Citizens’ Advice Bureau will be able to offer you practical advice on how to address it.


What do you do when your agent calls and says that someone would like to come and view your property in an hour? Stop panicking and follow these 7 simple tips to have your home viewing-ready and fast.


  1. Firstly, throw open windows throughout to give your home a blast of fresh air. If it’s cold and wet then maybe just open them briefly for a light breeze to waft through. It’ll work wonders on banishing any lingering smells.


  1. Grab a box or bag and start clearing the clutter throughout the property. Chuck in paperwork, toys, discarded clothing, basically anything that doesn’t belong and tuck this away from view.


  1. Make up all the beds in the house. If you have freshly laundered covers then pop them on so that the bedrooms will look their best. Straighten pillows and cushions and decorate the end of your bed with a cosy throw to make it really inviting.


  1. Next is a trip to the bathroom. Clear away any lotions, potions and bottles into a cupboard rather than out on the side of the bath. Swap the towels for fresh fluffy ones. And give the toilet and sink a quick wipe. Nobody wants to see any mess.


  1. Open curtains and blinds to show off any natural light that come through in each room. If some corners a slightly dim then switch on a lamp to brighten any dull spots.


  1. Don’t forget your outside space too. If bikes are thrown on the lawn and garden furniture is spread all around give it a good straighten up and tidy things away so that house hunters can see its full potential beyond the clutter.


  1. Finally to the kitchen. Wash, dry and put away any used items. If you’ve been cooking then perhaps light a scented candle to cover the scent. Empty any overflowing bins. Then pop on the kettle and get ready for your viewers.


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