7 Short Notice Staging Tips

What do you do when your agent calls and says that someone would like to come and view your property in an hour? Stop panicking and follow these 7 simple tips to have your home viewing-ready and fast.


  1. Firstly, throw open windows throughout to give your home a blast of fresh air. If it’s cold and wet then maybe just open them briefly for a light breeze to waft through. It’ll work wonders on banishing any lingering smells.


  1. Grab a box or bag and start clearing the clutter throughout the property. Chuck in paperwork, toys, discarded clothing, basically anything that doesn’t belong and tuck this away from view.


  1. Make up all the beds in the house. If you have freshly laundered covers then pop them on so that the bedrooms will look their best. Straighten pillows and cushions and decorate the end of your bed with a cosy throw to make it really inviting.


  1. Next is a trip to the bathroom. Clear away any lotions, potions and bottles into a cupboard rather than out on the side of the bath. Swap the towels for fresh fluffy ones. And give the toilet and sink a quick wipe. Nobody wants to see any mess.


  1. Open curtains and blinds to show off any natural light that come through in each room. If some corners a slightly dim then switch on a lamp to brighten any dull spots.


  1. Don’t forget your outside space too. If bikes are thrown on the lawn and garden furniture is spread all around give it a good straighten up and tidy things away so that house hunters can see its full potential beyond the clutter.


  1. Finally to the kitchen. Wash, dry and put away any used items. If you’ve been cooking then perhaps light a scented candle to cover the scent. Empty any overflowing bins. Then pop on the kettle and get ready for your viewers.


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